Yuli’s philosophy is to deliver high value to its clientele and in the process tu‍‍‍rn casual shoppers into lifetime clients. The company’s achievements‍‍‍ have been stellar, thanks to the support from its value clients..

She has also be‍‍‍en very focused on empowering the new generation of young individuals and has been working and partnering very closely with schools and youth charity organisations to inspire and give them the head start in life.

About Yuli Inc.‍‍‍ Fine Jewellery

Yuli Inc. - Fine Jewellery creations are available in an array of styles, with one major collection launched per year since 2000. Each collection has an endearing story behind it, and an equally enchanting name, like Art of Embroidery, Goddess, Sense of the Ocean, Dreamy Star and Tears. The collections are often set with rare gemstones for a clientele which appreciates something extraordinary. The collections have been featured regularly in fashion and jewellery magazines and television programmes around the Southeast Asian region

The jewellery is housed and showcased in an opulent stand-alone boutique at Palais Renaissance, a premium mall in the heart of Singapore's Orchard road. The boutique is one of Singapore's leading jewellery ateliers and is well known amongst jewellery lovers in Singapore and the Asian region. In fact, it has been awarded The Best of Singapore (Jewellery Boutique) by Singapore Tatler since 2006.

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To Inspire‍‍‍

“My jewellery is created meticulously by hand one piece at a time and much thought goesinto each design. I wanted to create a line of jewellery that would inspire the wearer and thejewellery pieces will never be mass-produced. My unique, wearable art jewellery is for thewoman who wants presence, panache and sophisticated elegance. There is no better way toexpress each unique individual personality than by the apparel and accessories you chooseto wear.” - Yuli Foo founder

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